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What to Expect When Hiring a Pest Control Service

An army of rats, roaches, and other creepy crawlies can overrun your floors, walls, and cabinets. But it’s not only things that crawl you should be worried about. You also have to pay attention to airborne invaders such as flies and mosquitoes, which can drop bombs of diseases from above. Meanwhile, a fifth group such as termites could undermine your house from within. When pests invade your property, you need reliable allies to repel them, such as a reputable pest control company in your area. But if it is your first time to hire a pest control service, here are three things you should expect:

1) The pest control professionals will introduce themselves to you

They will knock on your door when they arrive at your home. Just like soldiers who are prepared for battle, every member of the team you hired will be dressed in a uniform—jumpsuits, hats, gloves, and boots. They will introduce themselves to you and the company they work for upon their arrival.

2) The pest control professionals will perform a survey

The war against pests requires you and your pest control professional to know the lay of the land. They are your allies in this war, so you should feel comfortable with them being in your home. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. They came here to serve you, and they would be glad to be of assistance in any way.

One of the first things the pest control representatives will look for are the places where these pests are entering your space, and where they might have built homes or nests of their own.

They could have settled in the attic or garage. Maybe even in the ceilings, doors, pipes, and windows. Pest control representatives will also want to check for cracks and holes in the walls of your home. Moist areas are also a matter of concern as these are likely to attract and harbor pests. Your backyard and front yard could also serve as entry points. Therefore, it may take time for the team you hire to do a reconnaissance of these areas, especially if your home is big.

3) There will be a review, report, and discussion of the findings

After they have surveyed your home, they have to put together the information they gathered about your enemies. So, expect the representatives to spend several minutes poring over the data and writing a report of their findings. They will also draft their pest control strategy, which includes their recommended treatments. Then they will sit down with you and talk about their findings and what they plan to do. You are expected to listen carefully and understand what is going on in your home.

This discussion is the best time for you to ask questions about follow-up services, the treatments involved, and the precautionary measures you need to take. You can also ask them what else you need to do to prevent these invaders from encroaching on your property in the future.


Now that you know what to expect during the exterminators’ first visit to your home, you can set about preparing for it. You should keep your pets out of the way and store all your valuables in a safe place beforehand. You can also prepare a list of questions and observations that could help the company in their battle against these pesky invaders.

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