Celebrating 40 Years of Excellent Service

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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellent Service

Commercial Pest Control 

Is what we do!

Commercial Services

Price competitive commercial pest control solutions for Sydney businesses.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management use only the best quality products. All our chemical treatments are approved under Australian Standards so you can be confident of a safe and quality outcome. On your request we can provide you with safety data sheets relating to any of the products we use in our day to day operations, thereby negating any occupational, health and safety queries which may arise.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management provides an efficient and personalised service in accordance with the following bodies:

  • Worksafe Australia: National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
  • Environment Protection Authority (E.P.A)
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • National Pest Management Industry
  • State Department of Health
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service

All our technicians are legally certified and fully qualified. They have completed the Occupational Health and Safety” Certificate (“Green Card”) so you can be assured of a safe and professional service every time.

Our fleet of vehicles are “Toyota” tray-backs, with all the necessary tools and equipment, to provide immediate on-site service. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained, to ensure no downtime is incurred on your job.

In order to maintain a pest-free and hygienic environment for staff & customers, your business may be required to undergo regular treatments. Kevin Joyce Pest Management can tailor a program to suit the needs of your business, using treatments that cater for your working environment.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management provides an efficient and personalised service in accordance with the following bodies:

Accommodation: 5-star hotels, motels, travel lodges.

Food Industry: restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, import/export divisions & distribution, supermarkets.

Entertainment: Leagues & RSL clubs, function centres, shopping centres, amusement parks, cinemas, theatres.

Sporting Industry: gyms, indoor/outdoor centres, stadiums, sports clubs (golf, rowing & bowling clubs).

Manufacturing: all factories, from steel to plastic, timber & food.

Storage Facilities: warehouses, car parks, garages.

Educational Institutes: private/public schools, colleges, childcare, training centres.

Health Care: medical centres, hospitals.

Community: religious buildings & centres (including churches, synagogues, mosques & temples), parks/reserves, nursing homes/retirement villages.

Public Service: police stations, emergency centres, council works, government buildings.

Real Estate: strata & property management work, construction & development sites.

Other: banks, offices, airports, transportation, etc

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