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Pest Infestation and Pest Control-What Every Homeowner Should Know

Have you been seeing roaches roaming around your kitchen lately? Did you catch a glimpse of a mouse running from one corner of your garage to the other? Pest infestation is not something to take lightly! These pesky critters and crawlies can reproduce faster than you might think.

Before you head to your local home store to look for pest killers and be your own pest buster, however, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Read on to find out!

Killing What You See Doesn’t Solve the Problem

You probably see a couple of cockroaches every now and then and spray them with bug killers. Your mousetrap has been successful in catching some mice too. However, the pests that you catch and kill may just be a tiny percentage of the pest population living in your home. In fact, once you start seeing them, it’s probably because their population has already reached great numbers.

For instance, if you see termites on different surfaces of your home, it’s a sign that they’ve been in your home for a long time and have already multiplied significantly.

Tiny Pests Hitch Rides

Little insects, such as bed bugs, often reach your home by hitching rides on you and your things. For instance, if you just went out of town for a trip, you may catch a bed bug from a hotel room. These bugs can attach to your clothing and luggage.

It’s a good practice to check your belongings, clothing, and luggage after every trip to make sure they weren’t transporting pests. If possible, wash them thoroughly in hot water.

Not All Pest Killing Products Are Created Equal

How many brands of pest and insect killers have you already tried? It’s common for homeowners to try a number of products every time they see pests in their homes because they think that the last product they used wasn’t effective. However, you should understand that there are specific products meant for killing specific types of pests.

A Clean Home Lessens the Chances of Pest Infestation But Doesn’t Guarantee Immunity

Keeping your home clean is always a good practice and will help to keep the pests away. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean your home will always be protected from pests. There are other factors that may make your home conducive to infestation.

Pests Can Enter Through Hidden Passageways

Even the tiniest of cracks in your walls or foundations can be a gateway for pests. For this reason, it’s important that a complete home inspection is done regularly and all cracks and crevices are sealed and weather-stripped.

It’s Important to Get Rid of Water Puddles

Some pests are particularly attracted to standing water. If your area is known for having issues with mosquitoes, you really have to be proactive in keeping your home free of water puddles, from the ground up to the gutters.

Ignoring the Problem Will Never Make It Go Away

If you keep on putting off pest control, these critters can easily and quickly multiply. Just imagine, mice can have at least five babies per litter and they reproduce almost every month! Even if your mouse trap catches one mouse per week, its hidden family members probably number more than you can count. For the above reasons, while it’s not yet too late, seek the help of professionals to make sure that the pests in your home are dealt with in an effective manner.

If you’re looking for a pest control service in Sydney, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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