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How to Remove Termites-Preparation Tips for a Termite Service

When termites infest your home, they can damage the structural stability of the building and cause damage that may cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, when you start to notice the signs of a termite infestation, you need to act fast and remove the threat.

While you can remove the termites on your own using commercially available pesticides, it is best to trust the experts and let the professional pest control operators (PCOs) do the job for you. There are different ways to remove the termites based on their species, and professionals have the knowledge to do that properly.

Meanwhile, you need to make some preparations before the termite service arrives. PCOs inspect the property and areas to be treated and usually give a list of things to do before they perform the service. They may refuse to carry out the work if your house is not well-prepared because it can compromise your safety, as well as lead to re-infestation of termites.

Here’s a quick rundown of things you need to do to prepare for the termite service:

  1. Be prepared to be away from the house for about four days. The elimination of termites may require drilling through the concrete floor and involves fumigation that can take several hours. You will not be allowed to reenter your house until the experts deem it safe.
  2. Remove all furniture, appliances, or stored materials away from the interior walls. Place them at least three feet away from the walls whenever possible.
  3. Remove all breakable items from the tables, walls, and cabinets as they may be knocked over during the treatment process.
  4. Remove all the clothing from your closets if they are also infested by the termites. Cover the clothes properly because drilling can cause dust to spread everywhere.
  5. Remove all pets and plants from the house prior to the termite service.
  6. Seal foods and medicines in fume bags.
  7. Remove or cut back exterior perimeter plants so the PCOs will have immediate access to the exterior wall.
  8. Water the soil around the house heavily so the fumigant can easily penetrate the soil beneath.
  9. Unlock all the doors, cabinets and closets in the house to ensure that PCOs will have access to the entire area.
  10. A tarp will be installed to seal the areas, so remove all the antennas, chimney caps and weather vanes, as well as the boards of the fence.
  11. Remove any box springs, mattresses, and pillows or their waterproof covers.
  12. Switch off all appliance pilot lights and gas flames.
  13. Check the weather forecast. When the weather is bad, such as when it is raining or snowing, the termite service might need to be rescheduled. Your termite service provider will give you details on the protocols regarding this.

You need to eliminate any pests in your house as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Contact Kevin Joyce now to get your house inspected for termite infestations now. We provide affordable and effective termite treatment. We have a 40-year proven track record of excellent service, so you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction!

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