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Everything you need to know about bird control in sydney

Any infestation within the home can be problematic. Rats, for example, carry everything from salmonella to bubonic plague. Bugs, too, carry diseases and impact your life. But, when it comes to infestations which disrupt your life and your home, birds are right up there.

We all dread discovering a nest or hearing telltale signs that birds are making themselves at home in or around our homes. This fear itself is enough to drive us to extreme measures to secure our roofing and cover any cracks. Many homeowners also take the time to invest in things like window spikes. Despite our best efforts, though, birds sometimes still manage to find their way in. Whether it’s pigeons, seagulls or anything else, they have ways and means of breaching your home’s boundaries. And, when they do, you can bet that your life will fast become a misery. That’s why you should call a bird pest control company as soon as you notice a problem.

Sadly, too often, homeowners don’t even know the warning signs bird pest control is necessary. As such, they leave this infestation to wreak havoc on their homes unchecked and even give those birds a chance to breed before they finally take action. When that happens, you can bet that your infestation is sure to be a lot harder to deal with.

To avoid that eventuality, it’s essential that you take steps towards bird control the moment they start to nest in your property. Some sure signs that trouble is brewing include -

Seeing the birds

This first sign of infestation doesn’t take a genius to work out. An increase in the birds you see outside your house is always a reliable indicator of brewing trouble. When they settle down on your roof or in your attic, you can bet that you’ll soon see a whole load more birds than you’re used to. This alone, of course, might not be enough to push you into contacting bird control just yet. But, it is a sign that you might want to watch the habits of those birds. If they keep returning to the same spot or, worse, bringing back nesting materials with them, you can rest pretty easy that you’ve got a problem on hand. If in doubt, a little further investigation into the areas where you’re seeing the most birds should be enough to confirm your suspicions.

Noticing bird droppings

As with any infestation of this kind, droppings where they shouldn’t be are another sure giveaway that all is not right. If you start to see unusual amounts of droppings on your property or roof, for example, it’s a sign of increased activity. If you see any droppings inside your property or in your attic, you should be in doubt about contacting your local bird control Sydney service right away.

Hearing them

It’s also astounding how loud a bird infestation can be. This is especially the case with pests like seagulls, who will wake you up every morning the moment an infestation is established. Even pigeons can make a fair amount of noise. If you notice increased amounts of cooing or even scratching sounds up above, you’ve probably got a problem. If those birds start nesting, you may also hear the sounds of crying babies from those hidden nests. Whatever you do, don’t ignore noises like these. They’re a sign of underlying problems and a sure indication that you could benefit from bird pest control.

Smelling them

Lastly, remember that birds also bring a nasty stench. As such, this is the last indication you should look out for that you’re dealing with an infestation. If you notice smells in or around your property which have nothing to do with your bins, then you shouldn’t hesitate about taking action. As you can imagine, that putrid smell is just a hint of the damage that those birds can do for your health.

Of course, merely knowing the signs isn’t always enough to convince homeowners into action. While many of us would act fast if we spotted a rat in the kitchen, many homeowners let bird infestations run riot until it’s too late. Some don’t even know to look out for the signs, so focused are they on more evident infestations in the home. But, to prove just why it’s vital that you do keep an eye out here too, consider the following damage a bird infestation stands to do -

Dropping your home’s appearance

For one, the bird droppings which come alongside a bird infestation can fast ruin the external appearance of your home. It’s astounding just how many droppings can occur as a result of this infestation being left to run riot. And, when they do, you can bet that your neighbours will know about it. The chances are that white splashes of droppings will soon be the first and only thing you see when you look outside at your property. Not to mention that droppings on your garden path and driveway could lead to unpleasant accidents for you or any guests.

Don’t forget disease

As with any infestation, it’s also worth noting that birds, and their droppings in particular, can bring all manner of diseases into your life. This is a fact which we often forget thanks to the focus on rats being the worst disease bearers. But, there’s a good reason why people often refer to pigeons being rats with wings. And, other bird breeds are guilty of the same crime. For one, consider that while birds don’t get fleas, they do carry all manner of mites and parasites in their feathers. These in themselves can lead to diseases. And, that’s before you consider that bird droppings also carry fungal diseases like Histoplasmosis.

Damage to your property

A bird infestation can also do a great deal of damage to your property on the whole. By this, we mean more than just the way it looks. Whether they’re nesting in your attic or on your window ledges, birds can be pretty destructive. For one, those notorious droppings can erode stone, paintwork, and other materials. Birds in your attic could also do damage to your house insulation. As if that weren’t enough, internal and external nesting can soon spell trouble for your roof tiles. Each of these can lead to an insane amount of expense if you don’t take action fast.

The gateway pest

Once you have a bird infestation, you’re also at higher risk of falling foul to other pests. That’s because the droppings and general mess made by birds can lead to slipping hygiene levels which other pests love. The breaches made in your home’s exterior by these birds can also leave you at risk to all manner of other nasty infestations.

So, those are the signs and the reasons you need to act on them. But, you might still be unsure about what action to take. Often, homeowners ignore or avoid issues like these for fear of invasive pest control techniques. No one likes to think of extermination, after all. Besides which, traps and exhuming could leave you with untold disruption at home. That’s sure to be off-putting for every homeowner out there. But, it isn’t the only option.

While some pest companies do go in hard and heavy, we at Kevin Joyce Pest Control pride ourselves on more gentle methods which put a stop to infestation without ever disrupting your home life. Our methods are also designed to prevent further infestations, meaning that they’re an easy option which could last you a long time to come. In general terms, you should always reach for bird control solutions such as-


Few things are better for bird pest control than proofing your home so birds can no longer gain entry, especially with an internal infestation. By mending any holes and entry points, you ensure that those birds have to leave you alone, all without having to harm them or your home in the process. It’s also vital to remove any nesting material and spray the area to kill any lice those birds brought with them. Best of all, this option eliminates the issue, while ensuring that it won’t happen again anytime soon.


Commercial strength bird netting can also help to remove and prevent bird infestation. That’s because this is an easy way to stop birds from gaining access where you don’t want them. This can work especially well for flat roofed properties which are often hotspots for seagull infestations.


If birds are nesting on your window ledges or similar, wire which retracts when they land could also put a stop to things. That’s because this provides a shock factor, as well as making it much harder for those birds to pitch.

Shock tape

Speaking of shocking the birds, it can also be worthwhile to place shock tape on and around problem areas. This is a slightly more extreme method for infestations which won’t budge, but it’s still non-invasive and ethical as far as pest prevention goes. As you can guess, this option involves placing shock tape on areas where those birds are congregating the most. This then sends a small electric shock each time they land and can prevent them from sticking around or coming back.

Repellent gel

Along the same lines, it’s also possible to use a repellent gel which feels uncomfortable for birds who are trying to roost. This is an ideal solution for the front of your house, or on areas like statues where other options wouldn’t work.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are a classic technique and with good reason. If you walk around your local town, the chances are that you’ll see the majority of businesses use these. And, that’s because they work. As a last resort, then, it’s always possible to place bird spikes in problem areas. These literally prevent birds from being able to pitch and can see your infestation worries ending fast.


If none of the above works or is possible, it may be necessary to bait the birds involved. This should be done in accordance with the National Parks & Wildlife Service to ensure it’s humane. It should also be an absolute last resort, and is unnecessary in the majority of cases.

If you are experiencing the woes of a bird infestation right now, you couldn’t do better for your bird control Sydney needs than contacting Kevin Joyce Pest Control. We understand that this is a difficult time, and we have easy access to all the methods mentioned to make life easier again. But, you don’t need to take our word for it. Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re in the best position to make your home a bird free zone once more -

Qualified and insured technicians who work according to work safety regulations

Boom lift licensed

Inspected by both National Parks and Wildlife and the Police

Ability to work above and below 4m

Convenient service notifications from our management staff

Best for commercial and residential needs

And, that isn’t even the half of it. We offer all these services with affordable pricing to boot, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. As you can tell from the infestation methods mentioned above, we also work hard to keep disruption to your life to a minimum. Our practices are ethical, easy to install, and sure to make all the difference to your life.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore a bird infestation. The moment you do that, you put your entire home in jeopardy. Not to mention that you open yourself up to all manner of expensive repair bills down the line. By comparison, contacting us on 1300 483 943 as soon as you spot an issue could save you a fortune. Even better, we’re at the end of the phone 24 hours a day to ensure that we’re always able to help you in your hour of need. So, put that bird infestation to rest today to ensure it doesn’t come back to bite you tomorrow.


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