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10 Ways to Protect Your Property from Termites - Our Guide

Termites are pests that can do significant damage in your building or structure. They can make their way to your house by travelling underground, even getting through the cracks in your concrete slab. They can be hard to deal with, but there are several ways you can use to protect your property from termites. Here are a few:

1. Use termite bait stations

Place unobtrusive termite bait stations around your property to monitor termite activity. Termites eat the bait, and when they return to the colony and feed their nest mates, the whole colony is infected.

2. Use a chemical termite barrier

Apply a liquid chemical termite barrier to the soil around the building or structure and under concrete flooring.

3. Use a physical termite barrier

Before the construction of the building, put a physical termite barrier that will stop termites from entering the perimeter, and this will also force termites to come out in the open. This barrier involves placing a layer of protective material laid before the slab is poured. It can also be a partial barrier to the perimeter and pipe penetrations.

4. Install a reticulation system

Install a reticulation system before the construction of the building. This involves a network of underground pipes that will evenly distribute termite control chemical on the entire foundation of the building and its perimeter. With this system, the chemicals can be reapplied to protect the property from the invasion of termites. The perimeter system can be installed after the construction of the building has been completed, before landscaping and paving.

5. Remove stored timber, debris and cellulose materials

Remove stored timber, debris, and cellulose materials away from your building because they are a perfect food source and nesting site for termites, and you may also not easily see termites invading your home.

6. Repair Leaks

Repair the leaks from faucets and pipes under or around the building to reduce moisture levels, as termites love moist areas. Also divert hot water and air conditioning airflows away from the structure, with stormwater runoff property installed.

7. Install proper ventilation and extraction fans

Install proper ventilation and extraction fans around your property where necessary, which can help reduce the chances of termite invasion. If you have vents to the subfloor, make sure that they are not blocked. Otherwise, it can cause high humidity and moisture that are perfect for termites.

8. Keep away climbing plants from the side of the building

Avoid growing climbing plants on the side of the structure because it can provide an entry point for termites that are not easily detected. The roots of the plants can also penetrate the foundation of the building. Do not plant trees with roots that are known to penetrate the slabs.

9. Remove dead trees or stumps

Remove or treat dead trees and stumps around your property to prevent them from becoming a nest of termites.

10. Use termite-treated timber only

If you need timber for your garden beds, retaining walls or fence posts, make sure that you only use termite-treated timbers. When constructing the posts, allow a 50mm clearance between the soil and the timber. You can also use galvanized shoes to elevate the timber off the ground. These will prevent attracting termites from your property.


Termites are destructive, but there are several methods you can use to prevent them from invading and damaging your property. Some of the systems can be installed before construction, while some can be applied at any stage of the building’s life.

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